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Cido Arena

Cido Arena


…Arena was built on initiative of Panevėžys city Council. The project was financed by EU structural funds, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the Municipality of Panevėžys city. The arena was planned by the company “Forma”, architect – Saulius Mikštas. Structural part of the project was made by Audrius Ražaitis who also planned structural parts of „Siemens” and Šiauliai arenas. The track was designed by – Ralph Schürmann. “Panevėžio statybos trestas” SC was the general contractor of the project. The total value of the project – 108 mln. Lt (31,28 mln Eur).

…The roof of the Arena is exclusive. The roof (volume 6700 m2) covers the biggest area without bulkheads in Lithuania. Standing on the roof alludes to huge balloon. The building matches 8 storey house.

…”Cido” Arena is the only arena in Baltic states with covered bike track. 250 m. bike track made of Siberian pine plates surrounds the oval arena.

…Famous German company made the bike track for “Cido” arena. It mounted bike track for the Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008.


…”Cido” Arena satisfies international standards for entertainment and sports complexes. It has new and advanced technologies, diverse use, modern advertisement and maintenance means, superb comfort conditions and customer service. The bike track is designed according Olympic standards also transforming stands are designed. These features allow to organize various events.

  • Total combined area – 23477.4 m2
  • Main area – 16621.6 m2
  • Subsidiary area – 6855.8 m2
  • Volume -252710 m3
  • Height – 24,05 m
  • Spaces – 5 changing rooms with necessary equipment, 6 fast- food bars, 3 bars, 1 VIP bar, maximum stage load – 750 kg/1 m2
  • Number of entrances – 5 (1 common, 1 VIP entrance, 1 for Arena Club members, 1 for administration personnel, 1 for service personnel ).